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Global Mobility Solutions

At In Se Legal, we recognise that in an increasingly global and mobile world, where companies need to move personnel swiftly and efficiently between jurisdictions, access to high quality, low cost global mobility solutions is fundamental. A thorough understanding of Indian employment law, Immigration rules and processes and the ability to advise on associated regulatory, corporate & personal tax liabilities, is essential.

Employment law is, therefore, a key practice area at In Se legal. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with in-depth insight and understanding on the applicability of Indian employment law and HR best practices. At In Se Legal, we further adopt a practical approach, providing our clients with a thorough understanding of the legislative framework as well as insights into the sensitivities of dealing with the unique cultural challenges that India often presents.

We are committed to providing our clients a complete legal and business solution. Please use the links below to obtain PDF copies of our Employment & Immigration Law and our Immigration Law brochures.

In Se Legal - Employment & Immigration Law brochure

In Se Legal - Immigration Law brochure

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