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We are committed to legal excellence,
in every form and manner.

The ethos of the firm originates from its very name. “In Se Legal” by itself means “to be complete and legal”. The firm also derives its identity from the deep symbolic significance associated with the ‘square’ symbol. Permanence, totality, surety and completeness are the four sides of a belief system that we hold close to our hearts.

In Se Legal further stands for the true characteristics of many such four sided symbols, because offering solid, straight, sincere and true advice & guidance to our clients is at the core of our firm’s philosophy. There are also other interesting aspects of ‘four’ rooted deep within our reason to exist.

Like the four compass directions North, East, South & West; the four prime elements Air, Fire, Water & Earth; the four major seasons Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall and the four common phases of life; In Se Legal is fully dedicated to providing our clients with the fundamental cornerstones required to achieve business success in India.

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